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31 August 2010

FEVO Fever


About two weeks ago we all got a FEVO Card each. It looks like any other card except it's got very cute graphics and can be customised with your own photo.

FEVO is basically a Prepaid MasterCard with an EZ-link option - meaning you can top-up credits to make purchases on E-sites like Garena, Viwawa and also Golden Village!

So since we got one each, we were thinking of what we could do with it. They are of course, assuming that you don't have access to a credit card. We came up with...

4 Things You Can Do with FEVO.

1. Buying Gold Member on Garena
When you desperately need to enter a room that has 230 people in it because 9 friends are waiting for you to play inhouse, and NO ONE in the room wants to help to leave and rejoin, you are basically screwed. With FEVO you can log on to the Garena Shop, buy a one-month Gold Member and then join the room!

Of course we don't need it because we have Premium... but anyway... NEXT.

2. Buying Movie Tickets
Your house is at Joo Koon. Your date wants to watch a 8.30pm movie at Bugis. And you know for SURE that if you go a few hours before the show it will be sold out. So do you go all the way down 6 hours before to stone there and do nothing, or use a FEVO to purchase tickets online... It's a no brainer really.

3. Buying Game Credits
The new costume is released. It will look very nice on your character and you know that all your friends don't have access to a credit card so they will have to go down to the shops to buy credits. And you have your FEVO. Which will give you credits in a few easy steps. FEVO ftw.

4. Shopping Online VS, F21 and so on...
Very Kimberlyn & Huayan kind of activity (that's why they're broke sometimes!!), but I'm sure we were all victims at some point to online shopping.

Look out next week for what each of us did with our FEVO cards.

FEVO Enables You To Do More.
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