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08 September 2010

Newsflash - PMS* Headlines in October

PMS* at League of Legends - Ring of Champions 2010

We were invited to join the League of Legends - Ring of Champions tournament sponsored by Air Asia, informatics, Razer and partnered by SCOGA and Garena. There was a total of 8 teams from 4 countries.

As we have never played the game before (as with a few other teams), it was quite an eye opener as we struggled with learning the runes and masteries just moments before the game commenced. We placed 7th on the kill table after day one and proceeded to the knockout stage on day two.

Our first game was against the Singapore powerhouse Another Story, who eventually won the tournament. Some highlights in the game was when iceiceice was tossed in by cyn then taken down by tammy and me on the middle lane (even though he had an ally nearby). hurhurhur. Or when there was a clash with the guys at mid and we won it with very lovely effort from everyone - the crowd went crazy on this.

Overall it was a very fun experience (although we had to wake up very early on a weekend to make it for both days) and I must say that I wouldn't mind playing the game in my free time.

Here's a photo of us with the Garena booth babes. HUAMEN FTW!!!!

New PMS* member Hui Zhen on New Paper New Face

If you bought the New Paper on Tuesday (yesterday), you would have seen our very own PMS|Chewy*, or Eliza Tan Hui Zhen on the New Face challenge. Doesn't she look hot here??

She's also very bubbly and nice, as we found out after spending two days with her during the LoL-ROC tournament, so she has looks with a personality to match. What a lucky guy Xinglei is... =D

After the shoot she was also interviewed by Razor TV. Check this out.

Next on PMS*
Look out for an announcement of a new PMS Asia team, coming soon...

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