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04 August 2010

furryfish* covers RGC Group Stage

August is proving to be a really busy month for all of us. While Cynthia, Kimberlyn and Huayan are busy packing and preparing for their trip to Shanghai, Tammy's in the media limelight once again as she fronts the Group Stage in Razer's DotA Global Challenge.

Join her as she presents the teams that have fought their way up to to the top 64 over the weekend, where you might just pocket a Razer giveaway if you're lucky.

Here's her first entry to whet your appetite.

Entry #1
It’s been a long journey for the teams who have reached this stage. Half of these teams will proceed, and half will fall by the wayside.

Fortunately for the vanquished, they will be given another two chances to prove they are fighting-fit in the subsequent seasons of Razer Global Challenge.

For those who didn’t even make it to this stage...
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