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12 October 2010

ESTC Winter 2010

Once again the time of the year draws near for teams to flock down to Bangkok for the annual E-Sports Thailand Championship or, better known as ESTC to everyone. This is the second time PMS* is participating, and although we didn't do too well last year, we're better prepared this time round.

If you take a look at the ESTC website, here is a list of international teams participating. There are MANY Chinese teams, which will inevitably mean greater competition and more action. Our own Singapore powerhouse Scythe (formally known as AEON) will also be participating - and look who their manager is!!! ahahahaha.

PMS* ESTC Roster
Huayan "yan*" Ng (Captain)
Kimberlyn "kaori*" See
Cynthia "w4ndeRz*" Santa Maria
Tammy "furryfish*" Tang
Dawn "pinksheep*" Yang

Tournament Schedule
(as I know it for now)
14 October, Thursday Showmatch with Trust.Roccat's all-girls team on the main stage.
15 October, Friday Round of 32
16 October, Saturday Round of 8
17 October, Sunday Finals and closing ceremony

Tournament Rules
Warcraft Version: 1.24e
Map: 6.68c or latest stable map
Mode: -cm
Auto Ban Hero: None
Match Length: 60 minutes

Tammy, Cynthia and Huayan will be flying off this evening, Kimberlyn will be leaving tomorrow afternoon and finally I myself will be taking off only on Thursday morning on the 715am flight.

Google's weather forecast says there's going to be light rains with a little bit of sunshine. Hopefully the sky will clear up as the weekend hits.

Let's hope that this will be a safe, fun and enjoyable trip (what with all the rumours of chaos and rioting). Look out for our updates on our Facebook and Twitter!!

♥ meh*

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