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13 October 2010

Back for more Fevo Fever


Thank you for your enthusiasm The answers for round 1 have been announced! Congratulations to the following people for picking up a limited edition FEVO CARD!!!

Answer 1: MasterCard
Answer 2: Six
Answer 3: Online or

Winners for Question 4:

1. Alwin Yuen
Ill credit half my salary into FEVO card every month and pay everything with it =D.
2. Wei Fu
I would use them to buy asiasoft items!
3. Arens
the card would make a great gift as it is limited edition. great for collectors after the value has been used
4. Ashlyn
Ill credit half my salary into FEVO card every month and pay everything with it =D.
5. Lina
I would like to use the FEVO card to go traveling!

- - - - - - -

For those who have not won, here's YOUR SECOND CHANCE to pocket a limited ediction Asiasoft-themed FEVO card with $10 value (without EZ-link purse). Round 2 begins today and ends on 24 October.

Hint: visit to find your answers!!

Q1: Since 1 September 2010, FEVO card is valid for ______ months.
Q2: Is there any annual card fees incurred? YES/NO
Q3: What does FEVO stand for?
Q4: Using a sentence, elaborate how you will like to spend with FEVO prepaid card!

Email your answers to in this format:

Answer 1:
Answer 2:
Answer 3:
Answer 4:
Contact no.:
Contest source:
Name as registered on FEVO card*:
Last 4-digits on your FEVO card*:
*Required if you already have a FEVO/Asiasoft FEVO card that doubles your winnings! (2 cards of your choice)

Good luck!!

What's FEVO?
FEVO is a prepaid card that allows you to load value into. It functions like a regular debit/MasterCard.

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