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27 January 2011


Our team photo from the photoshoot we did a few weeks back! Our 1st photoshoot with Huayan since she rejoined the team. We released this picture a while back on our Facebook Page too! I love how intimidating we look, hehe.

We're eagerly waiting for the rest of the pictures from the photoshoot to be done! But we haven't been slacking off while waiting! The team (including our 2 new "recruits" Yvonne and Zhen!) went for a video shoot yesterday! Mass shoots ftw!
We're sworn to secrecy so I can't tell you what the video shoot is for at the moment. But the video will be released on our Facebook Page on 11th Febuary 2011 so be sure to check our page on that day! All I can divulge is that it's for something new, cool and first of its kind! And Asterisk* will be one of the first to try it out! Curious? You just got to wait till 11th Febuary 2011 to find out!


To make the waiting easier for you guys, here are some behind-the-scenes photos we took! The video shoot was reallllly fun, and I'm not a fan of shoots of any kind. All of us had so much fun goofing around and filming the videos. Very very very glad the videos turned out great! If you notice, some of us had a haircut/dye job! (Dye job?!) Cynthia joins the bangs club, Tammy with her new purple highlights and of course me and my red hair.

Us walking in 1 straight line to the filiming location.

An impromtu team shot! I really like this picture, any comments? Love the concept, credits to Huayan! Haven't got the chance to add some effects to it so it's quite raw but it looks quite awesome already doesn't it? Look like an album cover for a girl group/band huh? LOL we can be SG's [insert favourite girl group/band].

Zhen, Von, Me and Hua after the video shoot. I just realised we didn't take much pictures during the shoot itself TT

Tam, Cyn and Zhen! That's a marshmallow between Cyn's teeth anyway. Zhen was mass offering her marshmallows to everyone that night -_-

HAHAHAHAHA this is our sexy, seductive yan*. SEXY RIGHT?! Long legs..... *drools*

And do we look like twins or what?! LOL
And in case you are wondering why there isn't any pictures of Dawn - she got abducted by sexy kittehs.
HAHAHA meow meh? She was changing and we were waiting for her, actually haha. 

Angry and hungry Cynnie...
Team picture! All 7 of us! The lighting was surprisingly good at some random place so we decided to take a group picture there. Hehe. And for some reason I always look so damn short in group pictures... Maybe I AM really short zzzz.

Anyway, remember to check out our Facebook Page on 11th Febuary to see the video!
I can't wait to see it!

Happy Chinese New Year too!
Collect loads of red packets! (I should probably claim 1 from Dawn *evil laughter*)

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