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10 February 2011

[POLL!] PMS Fan Shirts

Hello everyone!
Its a new year, and we have new plans. One of them being
creating our own PMS Fan Shirts!
These shirts will feature our Clan and Team logo, and depending on the response, we might do both male and female editions of it.
I don't have any artwork to show you yet, but do answer BOTH polls below - it would be a very useful indication of whether we should even consider this!
If you have more suggestions, like jackets, caps etc... don't worry, we've already thought about it, and have decided that we would like to start small.
But if you DO have a really really unique suggestion, just pop it in the comments to this post.

SO. Vote away, and I'll be looking forward to the results!


  1. Is there anyway you can have somekind of partnership with Mineski and also sell them there? :)
    Afaik, Mineski sells shirts yearly during april-june, so I think people will buy if you can expand there, plus Manila has alot of Dota players and they come every month for MPGL.

  2. I wish you can ship them here in the philippines. :)

  3. Wow... That sounds really cool. However i think it's up to mineski to decide if they want us in their shop!
    We'll try and see how things go!

  4. yeah that's right.. y don't u try gals have some kind of partnership with Mineski and PMSki? it would really help u a lot here.. (: hm.. i think 15 SGD will do coz 20 SGD here in philippines is too much..

  5. I would pay as long as you guys will sign it. lol