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Team Sponsors

15 February 2011

A PMS* Valentine

Hi everyone!

Happy Valentine's !

To celebrate this V-day, we launched our Facebook Video Profile, a special collaboration with FLIP by Cisco. If you haven't seen it, here is how you can in one easy step:

Install the FLIP Application: on the [FlipYourProfile] tab, click your browser (step 1). You're now ready to watch and listen to our video right here!

But that's not all this Valentine's.

In addition to the launch of our video profile, we would like to invite all of you on a date this Saturday, at the HELIPAD @ The Central (Clarke Quay). Yes. This is an invite to come down and club with us. ^.^


HELIPAD @ Central (Clarke Quay)
19 February Saturday, 8pm

Early Birds Special
$18 with one complimentary house-pour or beer.

Door Price
$20 with one complimentary house-pour or beer.

Dress Code
Get dressed to impress. No Bermudas or sandals allowed.

This event is strictly for those 18 and above.

Interested? Email with your [name], [number of tickets] for more details on payment.

Limited tickets are available and are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

See you there!!

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