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23 February 2011

[Interview CNNgo] PMS | Asterisk*: Singapore’s all-girl computer game team

Those of you who have been following our facebook updates should know that we’re been pretty busy as a team recently. One of these updates detailed an interview we attended before Chinese New Year.

And well… its live now over at CNNgo!

Some things we shared includes what Cynthia thinks of other female gamers, and Dawn’s hopes for the team. Here are some quotes to whet your appetite =D
“Females are a dangerous bunch," says team member Cynthia Rose. "The guy community might acknowledge us, but females see us as a threat -- not as game competitors, but as social competitors."
“The next big thing is that we hope to get a position in gaming with salaries to match," says Yang. "But for now we'll be more than happy to settle for the support from our own country.”

Read the interview here at CNNgo.

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