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28 March 2011

i-City: We're Back!

Hello! We're back!

Since ESTC Winter and EPIC GameFest last year the team - truth be told - went into a 3-month long hibernation. After a hectic 2009-2010 schedule, I would say it was a well-deserved break. And much needed.

Well winter is drawing to an end, a new season is beckoning.

Armed with just our mice, mousepads and faith in each other, we walked into i-City intending to have a hell of a time playing and travelling together. And we did!

We lost our first game - pretty much expected, for we only started playing together again 3 days before the event. So yes, fact is that we now suck, but things are going to change.

That said, done, I will now be passing around some glossy pictures to do a little talking. Plus a little bit of a surprise giveaway at the end.

You always love this bit best, don't you?

#1: Behind closed doors

There's always laughter and bits of fun when we are travelling together, and here's a peek at what goes on behind closed doors, when we're getting ready to head out to an event!

#2: In between places
During the long wait for a cab that never came (in the end the kind owner of the hotel ferried us to i-City in her car), I framed a few more shots of the girls messing around at the lobby.

#3: i-City dinner with AEON
After checking out a great sunset from i-City, AEON and us decided to have piping hot steamboat dinner near the tournament venue.

#4: Shopping, a movie and some tea.
We took a little walk around Jusco and did some shopping - new shoes, new clothes, and had tea at Nonya colors (they serve very good pastry). Then we caught Sucker Punch at the cinema - at only RM5 per person. Like seriously, beat that.

And now for a little surprise.

Earlier on I said that there was going to be a giveaway and here it is. We have a bunch of signed Polaroids that we'd like to give away to the biggest PMS* fan. There is ONLY ONE COPY, so this is not even limited ed. It's really really exclusive.

Tell us why YOU deserve to win it on the contest thread on our Facebook Fan Page and the post with the most likes will walk away with the whole set.

Contest ends on April 10th so start posting on Facebook now!!

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