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Team Sponsors

12 August 2011

[Day 5] Photoshoot Picture Launch - PMS | furryfish*

We're rounding off with our last individual shot, and tonight, as everyone knows by now, is none other than myself - PMS|furryfish* aka Tammy Tang
It's a little strange writing about myself, so I'll leave you with 2 quotes instead.
In case the subtle hints didn't work - we've got a little surprise coming up - so look out for our announcement!

Leading is not just about telling people what to do.
More often than not, you've got to get your hands dirty too.
It's gets lonely up there, so make sure you're supported by wonderful teammates!

You'll never get better if you just sit around and whine, or if you keep blaming others.
Work towards your vision, taking small steps;
it will be less daunting and more fulfilling that way.


It's been a great 5 days for us, we hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did!