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18 August 2011

DotA2 Fever!

I didn't think I would be so fired up by DotA2.

Before Gamescon and DotA2 kicked off yesterday with a stunning 80+ (or was it 90) minute game where EHOME battled it out with iG, my reaction towards DotA2 was kinda lacklustre. It bordered between a "oh okay it's tomorrow" and "where's mika baby, here kitty kitty".

The changes in platform (Garena - RGC) and switching of games (LoL, HON) have been causes for my diminishing interest.

DotA (when I am not training with the girls) is for me at least, a social game, anchored on who you play with and how much fun you get out of it. With the awful lag issues in RGC sometimes, the "vouched and non-vouched" issues and the halfhearted migration of the Garena-SingaporeClanWar community, playing the game has somehow lost its silver lining.

So I haven't exactly been bothering. Not much.

And then DotA2 happened.

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive at first. Is it going to be another Starcraft2, where the improvements in graphics and addition of new units/skills/items whittled down the more enjoyable aspects of the game? Another Heroes of Might and Magic where the gameplay is lost in the fireworks?

I would really hate for that to happen to my second favourite game of all time (my first being the one, the only Diablo franchise!).

And then I watched The International DotA 2 Championships. And surprisingly it looked and felt just like DotA! Aside from the improved graphics (which imo were not overdone to the point they occluded the gameplay), and the very pretty lady heroes now (my favourite is Drow, she's so cool!) it felt exactly like the game I've always loved and enjoyed. I hope that when I get down to playing it, it will be just as I thought it would be.

Oddly I haven't seen some of the more popular heroes like ShadowFiend and Bat Rider being picked - are they even in the taverns? And I can't wait for the games today - starting at Singapore time 1600 with EHOME facing off TyLoo.

Here are my predictions, a little biased, from the games I saw yesterday. (So take it with a pinch, huge pinch of salt!)

I'm predicting that EHOME will take this game. Haven't seen TyLoo play, but EHOME's calibrated and cautious play makes them a difficult opponent to take down for any team. Unless TyLoo can seize the early game and throw EHOME's momentum off it is going to be difficult. A close game.

When bulldozed through yesterday I was alarmed at how well they have gotten their act together in DotA2. But iG is going to give a run for their money. Despite playing difficult odds (against EHOME) iG did surprisingly well in capitalizing their opponent's mistakes, so even though I think this game may have a few surprises, iG will win this.

The only game I have seen MYM play was against m5, which they lost with a single digit in kills. The same went for Scythe who fell to Na'Vi at midnight (GMT +8). In terms of individual skills, I would say Scythe has a bit of the upper hand with Singapore's three heavyweights iceiceice, hyhy and xy. But MYM's strategist and commander Maelk, as well as Misery on carry and Mania's really awesome support are also to be reckoned with. Hard to say, but I'm rooting for Scythe to pick this one up!

I am a Na'Vi fan. Ever since they were DTS I have really admired them for their awesome teamwork, surprising strategies and camaraderie. So it's a no-brainer really that I think they will win this. M5 hasn't been slack either, in the way they showed MYM who's boss, but yeah *sheepishsmile Na'Vi is going to nail this.

So that's all for this post!

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See you all!

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  1. wow you got all correct!
    so proud of scythe =)