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19 August 2011

DotA 2 - Day 3 Predictions

It's been a long time since I've been this hyped up about DotA (and written on our blog).

I'm loving the improvement in graphics which weren't overdone to the point where the game was just irritating to watch/play! And Puck's voice is so cute now! I'm especially loving the new courier, it's a flying horse now hahaha! 
Though I don't understand why some heroes look like aliens now....... I do think that the map needs to be brightened up though, feels kinda depressing without the colours like in DotA 1. I can't wait to play DotA 2!

After an exciting Day 2 of The International DotA 2 Championship where teams Scythe.SG, EHOME, iG, and Na'Vi secured their places in the Top 8 of the competition, Day 3 seems to be full of interesting match-ups.

Here are my predictions for 4 games which you shouldn't miss on Day 3!

I've always enjoyed watching Trust's games as they always seem to be having loads of fun playing while competing. But I'm predicting that TyLoo will take this match, though I'm hoping that it'll be a close match. I would say the skills of both teams are at the same level, however Trust's performance has not been stable in this competition. With TyLoo's well-trained teamwork and play, I'm sure Trust would have a hard time taking the game from TyLoo. 

All eyes will be on Mineski.Infinity today as they take on M5 after their surprise win on yesterday. Morale of Mineski will be at its highest and that might make a lot of difference. However, M5 has shown that they are a force to be reckon with with their games in Day 1 and 2. With ex-members of Virtus Pro, M5 has more experience as compared to Mineski. This will definitely be an interesting game to watch and I think there will be a lot of kills from both sides. M5 will take this game, but I'll be rooting for Mineski!

I'm a patriotic girl, so I will be cheering on for Scythe to break EHOME all-win streak in this competition. But I am guessing EHOME to be the winner of this match with their almost robot-like game play and teamwork. This will be the only thing Scythe needs to worry about EHOME. As compared to EHOME, Scythe has inconsistent teamwork as seen in their games from the previous days. Teamwork is playing a huge part in DotA now as the new versions are focusing more on ganks and engagements and instances of 1 versus 5 are rarely seen anymore. However, Scythe is definitely stronger in terms of skill and always have new tricks up their sleeves, so I'm expecting Scythe to give EHOME a hard time in early/mid game. 
Go Scythe! 

My most anticipated match up for Day 3. I'm predicting that this will be a close match with iG taking the game. Both teams have very different styles in gameplay, iG being the defensive type while Na'Vi favours more ganking and interesting strategies. I can't wait to see how the 2 teams will play against one another. After the amazing comeback from iG against yesterday, I'm convinced that iG will be the one to break Na'Vi's winning streak. Na'Vi will have a hard time trying to break iG's cautious and defensive play.

That's all for my predictions and I hope I'm spot-on! :D
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