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01 September 2011

[COMEX DAY 1] MsJovial* and yan* at the Toshiba Booth!

We've been writing lots of lengthy blog posts recently, so it's time for pictures to do the talking.
Here's a peek at the excitement over at Comex - Toshiba's booth on level 4.

Eliza and Huayan sitting on the stage preparing the laptops for 1v1 action.

The F750, one of Toshiba's latest gaming laptops.

The stage and gaming area. This is where the girls will be PK-ing challengers!

Huayan having some fun.

Eliza looking very focussed!

Don't be fooled by her demure looks, she's a merciless killer in game!

The early morning crowd absorbed by our girls PK-ing.

Eliza testing out the laptop before getting down to some Serious Fragging.

Huayan flirting with the male and female staff at the booth. 

More shots of the laptop. As you can see, Eliza changes her DotA screen resolution so that it's square.

Huayan getting in the zone. I wouldn't want to be her opponent now!


The PMS|Asterisk* girls will be challenging opponents at the Toshiba booth from 
Thursday to Sunday,
Level 4, Suntec Convention Hall, booth 8143/8130

See you there.

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