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02 September 2011

[COMEX DAY 2] DotA 1v1 Shootouts Continue!

 Huayan is snipping her fringe off!!

Grinning merrily at the stage, waiting for opponents to step up.

An artistic shot that i photoshopped!

Another artistic show, but this one wasn't photoshopped.
Eliza is deep in concentration. I love it that she takes her games so seriously!

Huayan displaying her patient side.
Yes, she's actually quite patient!

The crowd watching Eliza play.

Another angle showing the crowd to the other side of the booth.

The Emcee who makes the games more interesting!
Huayan guiding the opponent very diligently.

Hands-on the Qosmio.

Another shot of the booth.


We'll be here til Sunday, come challenge us!
Those who win us walk away with a Toshiba 8GB thumb drive and a $10 Capital Land voucher.
Even if you lose, you still get the voucher!


  1. Who is that Malay girl that play at evening?I don't think she is one of the pms asterisk.


    Hua Yan with Kenny the challenger

  3. HUAYAN! Accept request, btw Kenny here. (: