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04 September 2011

[COMEX Day 3] Short Video of the Toshiba Booth PMS Asterisk* DotA 1v1 Challenge

Sorry, I know that this isn't the nicest video taken, but I thought it would make a nice change to the photo blogs that we've been doing.
So, here's a rough idea of how the match will take place at the Toshiba Booth, nothing scary at all!

Tomorrow will be our last day, so do drop by and say hi to us!
I do think that Digital Life will be doing some kind of special giveaway as well... for a rough idea of what you can expect, take a look at this link!


  1. You guys are great. keep up the good work. By the way im not sure if i can ask this, just for personal interest, do you guys have clan manager?

  2. lol just went and saw the matches today at 3pm, have to admit they were awesome heh.
    LOL one participant had technical difficulties at a time and one of you gave him chance stand at tower and don't take exp haha.