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06 September 2011

Who's the Fairest Of Them All?

After the fever The International whipped up over DotA 2, the scene has been moving quickly along with conversations and speculations on the prize pool for potential DotA 2 tournaments as well as the full cast of heroes they will eventually release.

So being me and being naturally curious about all sorts of miscellaneous things, my mind today perched on DotA 2, and whether they introduced my favourite hero, the -please tell me you know who because it hasn't changed for years-. I dropped by the DotA 2 tavern to take a look.

Disappointing! Still the same 47, which is less than half of the eventual 105 they are slated to release.

But then my attention quickly shifted. To the ladies. At least those who are clearly ladies. (I will not include the debates here about whether lich, puck, vengeful spirit, morphling, enigma have assigned genders. I mean, for all we know the Enchantress could be a pretty boy in cross gender make-up and garb and the Necrolyte your grandma.)

Drow, Traxex

Priestess, Mirana

Crystal Maiden, Rylai

Enchantress, Aiushtha

Slayer, Lina

Windrunner, Alleria

So, who do you think is the fairest of them all. For me Lina is clearly the prettiest and Drow has the most attitude and style (this is 100% biased by that gosu trailer they released).

Aside from the fact that if you do notice, all the ladies are on the Radiant side, and are either Agile or Intelligent (*hint hint).

So. Poll time.
Except I refuse to find out how to do a poll here so you'll have to comment.


  1. I'm staying faithful by Crystal Maiden!

  2. Crystal Maiden :D~

  3. Ms Jovial AKA Eliza <3 Hehe ^^

  4. drow ftw....but eliza more better...><

  5. lina & potm...

    and if its pms, of course its pinksheep to me!..

  6. Crystal maiden! :D

  7. cm will forever be pretty! :DD

  8. drow for teh cool lookz!

  9. potm 2 small fr me..better go wid lina.. ^^potm 2 small fr me..better go wid lina.. ^^

  10. Windrunner, Alleria. Red head and hot.

  11. teka bakit wala si luna?:(

  12. Lina - Business woman look XD
    Rylai - Royal Princess Look ^^
    Alleria - Looks Cunning =X
    Mirana - Pure Innocence XD