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Team Sponsors

28 November 2011

Countdown to SMM 2011

This SMM, we're all revved up and ready to go.

If I may quote Kim:

With two fresh faces, and newly restructured roles, team dynamics have never been more promising. On top of that, we have two new and very very generous sponsors who are making this trip a truly enjoyable and comfortable one. More on that tomorrow.

Departure of PMS yan*
Taking to the skies as a Singapore Girl for the prestigious Singapore Airlines, PMS yan* has retired from the main lineup. As our ex-commander and strategist for the past 2 years, and our teammate for the past 4, HuaHua (as we endearingly call her) will be dearly missed. Do say hi to her if you see her flying the friendly skies!

PMS vonvon* joins main roster
You've seen her, played with her, perhaps even spoken to her in person at one of our local events. No stranger to the Singapore crowd, Vonvon* will be making her very first appearance on the international stage at SMM 2011. Send her your encouragements on her Facebook fanpage!

Guest appearance: MiTH Jinny
She wow-ed the crowds with her AntiMage at ESTC 2011 in the stagematch against Eve. Was nominated the Gamer of the Year at TGX 2011. And placed first with her A.V.A. team in an all-guys league. So when the MiTH-girls declined the SMM invite, we invited Jinny to play with us.

This is Jinny, holding the title win for A.V.A. (Alliance of Valiant Arms), an online FPS that she also excels in. Yes she's a very talented professional gamer.

Without further ado, here's our official roster for SMM.

PMS furryfish*
PMS kimchi*
PMS msjovial*
PMS vonvon*
PMS pinksheep*
MiTH Jinny

Watch our training replays:
Replay 1
Replay 2
Replay 3

SMM here we come!!


  1. all the best for SMM!! :)

  2. whrs ms eliza? shes not in the main lineup? and did cynthia retired?

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