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Team Sponsors

30 November 2011

What Makes Gamer Girls Happy

What makes gamer girls like us happy? Like really really happy?

Gaming trips. People often have these strange, grand ideas of what they actually are. Friends tell me it's awesome that I get to travel so much; colleagues congratulate me on some time-out from the stress at work (which by the way, can get really crazy).

But beneath the jet-setting females we are portrayed to be lies the bleak truth -- that things are often tough all around, for gamers male or female in an industry that's still teething and taking its first steps.

Picture this: three hours of sleep, grumpy stewardesses (and occasionally grumpy teammates), heavy gaming equipment, hours upon hours waiting for our games to start, a sea of testosterone, a lack of regular meals and regular sleep (cos gamers don't sleep, or haven't you noticed?), and if we're unlucky - we're also PMS-ing.

So when kind and thoughtful sponsors like Toshiba -- who believes in enhancing and improving lives through innovation -- gives us the extra boost and cheer by flying us to SMM, we're over the moon.

It makes us smile like this:

msjovial* with the Qosmio. Its latest F750 range boasts an Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia Geforce GT540M graphics, "distortion-free" Harmon Kardon speakers,  plus a USB 3.0 port and two of the USB 2.0 variety.

More details on the Qosmio, because we know you secretly want one.

On top of that, we also have new shirts, which we will be wearing at SMM at the Toshiba booth this coming weekend. We'll be more than happy to take photos with you while we're there. (For an update of our schedule, please follow our Facebook.) So drop by and say hello!

And before I sign-off here's a final tip-off.

If you really want a Qosmio but you're a little short on funds, you might want to keep a close lookout on Sunday for a very very special, very exclusive offer you won't get anywhere else.

That's all I can letup for now. May the fastest fingers, strongest warriors win.

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  1. Nice picture, Qosmio is a great compliment to a gorgeous lady. ;)