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31 December 2011

2012: New Year, New Resolutions

New year, new resolutions! Here's ours, whats yours?
Share it with us now on our Facebook. =D

"Sleep more. Like 7hrs a day.
To be able to 1v5." -- furryfish*

"No fast food for a year.
Become a good commander n drafter.
" -- Kimchi*

"Start a new life at poly.
Focus on gaming on a pro-basis.
" - Vonvon*

"Start running (again) regularly!!
Get ready to mass raid in Diablo 3." -- pinksheep*

"Start saving money(this time for real).
Do my best in my new career whilst juggling with my gaming & life." -- msjovial*

"Saving up to back pack travel in 2013.
Actually start to play DOTA with the girls for once.
" -- Altagrave

HAPPY 2012!
May the power of gosu be with all of you!

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