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17 February 2012

Dota 2 Celebrity Charity Challenge

You have probably heard about the "Love is in the Air" celebrity challenge, where four DotA 'couples' will play against each other to raise US$2000 for Child's Play. Now aside from the fact that there are two of our PMS* girls in it (furryfish* and pinksheep*), there are a few other things that deserve focus.

Firstly, it marks the return of Ben "Merlini" Wu to DotA. Undoubtedly one of the best skilled and favourite in US DotA, some best moments sees him playing and owning with Zeus for the MYM dreamteam back in their heydays. He pairs up with his sweetheart Emily "Sayuri" Weiss in what I would consider a very potent combination - I mean, who else can beat a couple at their own game?!

Merlini as Zeus & Sayuri in some really neat artwork by alicexz from deviantart.

Secondly, if you have been following the scene in some way or other, you would definitely know the powerhouses of Na'Vi, Evil Geniuses and Fire (the dark horse that emerged in TPL, beating teams like Na'Vi and AL). Which will feature one player each in the other three teams.

Na'Vi.Dendimon, EG.MiSery- and Fire.Jeyo respectively.

In addition, to get some extra $$ for the kids at Child's Play in a post-game auction, alicexz has also done up some really cool artwork of Dendi as Pudge with furryfish* sitting on top and looking like she's really having a great time. I really like this!!

(Click for full resolution)

How to Watch
2300 (GMT +8) on 18 February, Saturday on furryfish*'s live stream.

If you're looking for commentary, you can tune in to:
GosuGamers Stream casted by Purge and Luminous
JoinDota Stream presented by TobiWanKenobi

How to Donate
Now we're only aiming to raise US$2000, it's not that big a sum if everyone chips in, even if it's just a dollar. So if you could spare one, click through to GosuGamers where there is a donation ticker at the bottom of the article.

There will also be a lucky draw element, where some lucky fans will walk away with a customised mousepad featuring the artwork above (there will be two) and some other things.

So see you at the games.

And have a great weekend.


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