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10 March 2012

Toshiba Challenge and Qosmio Offer, at IT SHOW 2012


Buy a Qosmio Gaming Laptop, get a 32" Toshiba LED TV Free
Gamers! If you've been thinking about getting a new gaming rig to run all those new games like DotA 2 no, now's the time! Not only will you enjoy hours of great entertainment on the Qosmio which boosts specs like 3D visual effects, you will also get a free 8GB DDR3 SDRAM upgrade AND walk away with a Toshiba 32 inch LED TV, free!

Limited offer for IT SHOW 2012. So visit the Toshiba booth now.

Click to view Qosmio promotions in full detail:

1v1 Toshiba DotA Challenge with Asterisk*!
Meet the two newest Asterisk* girls, and get to challenge them in DotA 1 at the Toshiba booth. Plus, if you win, you will get a $20 CapitaLand voucher!

PMS Vonvon*, Saturday 10 March, 2pm - 9pm.

PMS Umiisukii*, Sunday 11 March, 3pm - 9pm.

See you there!!

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