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06 December 2011

Gamers & Sleep

4 hours is the norm. 6 is off-peak season. 8 is a luxury.

Gamers typically don't sleep much. If you're one, you will know that the server is busiest around 11pm which goes on to around 2am. On weekends we don't stop till 4.

And during competitive season it is normal for us to clock an average of 4-6 hours per night, for at least a week or two before the event, while we train intensively for the competition. But having said that, we gamers still live in the same world, with the same rules and same 24 hours in a day as the rest of humankind.

Which makes the rooms at our competitive venue terribly important.

All thanks to Art of Colors, the worldwide leader in monitors, we had really gosu rooms that looked like this:

And felt like this:

This is what each of the PMS* had to say:
"Very clean and nice! Had a pleasant stay."
"Clean and comfortable!"
"great location, very convenient, and good service."

So we put our hands together to thank AOC:

As for me, I'm just glad that finally I could sleep without being counted.

For once!! The sheep could sleep in peace all night.

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