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06 December 2011

The Superhighway of Gaming

If this guy is right, bimbos have a chance of getting smarter.

I used to think I had an issue with focus. While my kindergarten mates played with one or at best, two items in the playground during break time, I sampled every single play station and still had time to experiment with the last. There were five.

And then I watched a TED Talk today and found out that perhaps the problem isn’t with me but with the world – that it is simply too slow.

The speaker then talks about the Flynn Effect – the increase of IQ across the world with each generation. And then identifies the 5 qualities that appear to be responsible:
- Novelty seeking
- Self-challenging
- Creative thinking
- Choosing the harder route
- Networking

You must be thinking at this point: so what has this got to do with me, or with this blog? Well, what if I told you that these qualities are intrinsic in every gamer? And then it gets a little bit more complicated.

You have to watch it for yourself.


  1. Definitely one of the best post ever made in this blog.

    Pretty much sums up certain ideas I have in my mind all this while. The speed ticket lottery idea was kinda cool but make the most sense. The World needs solutions like this and perhaps only gamers can provide them.

    The remedy he gave towards the end of the show was the exact one I gave to my parents since 10 years ago. They did not take it. Perhaps the games are just too fast for them to understand.

    Hopefully my mind wont shut off when my kids comes around and invite me to play Dota with them in the future.

    Once again, great post !

  2. Thanks. I love sharing these ideas, and this TED Talk in particular was one of the most interesting I've watched so far about 'gamification'.

    The Speed Lottery was actually part of Volkswagen's TheFunTheory. They did a few more:

  3. :) thanks for sharing too ..yNs here , always support PMS

  4. Makes sense, but attempts too much to push an agenda. Yes, humans are wired in certain ways. Yes, certain things about games emphasize certain behaviors in people.

    Downplays the importance of skills that aren't gained from games though.

    But I do like the approach he takes, making games out of life rather than the reverse.

    As a gamer, many people will be far too eager to accept this presentation too easily - that's a horrible trap. My advice: take the ideas with you and do as you see fit, but don't be too quick to correlate "cause" and "effect".

    -A. Moh