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28 May 2012

Limited-time Wallpaper Downloads, Interviews, and More Interviews!

May has been quite a busy month for us, with Diablo 3 clamouring for our attention, and more interviews than normal coming our way. Here's a quick update on everything.

To avoid looking too narcisstic here, I've decided to start off with a team related paragraph!

Limited-Time Wallpaper Download of the team!
(this is a low res web version, NOT the wallpaper!)
For a limited time, you can download wallpapers in various resolutions over at the Team Razer Facebook Page!
(here's the direct link to the tab if you need it!
The wallpaper features Kimchi, pinksheep, furryfish, MsJovial and Vonvon with our respective favourite DotA Allstars hero in the background.
Artwork is done by Patrick Galbraith who goes by "nekoconeco" on the TeamLiquid forums.
Here's the thread of his artwork, the making-of video will be uploaded soon too, so do take a look!

small screenshot, for the text and more photos, click the link below!
Orange eSports  spent a while with me and asked various questions about the team, future aims, current lineup, all time favourite line up... and my opinion on the 3 hottest guys and girls in the DotA community. =x
If you want to find out more about what the team has been up to recently, and whether we'll be playing DotA2, who is in our line up now, you might want to take a read.

snapshot of the publication. also available on the TimeOut Singapore website!
Time Out Singapore also published an article on the team, and this quickly snapped photo from a fan/friend was what alerted us that it was live.
Do pop over to Time Out's online site to read the article, if you don't have the publication!

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