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27 September 2012

PMS Asterisk* Reunion Dinner at Kingpot

It's been a super long time since the girls have all met up face to face, and we took the opportunity to entice the retirees out with a reunion steamboat dinner at Kingpot.
The location is pretty good, it's near the Fort Road exit, which is quite near town so popping by after work or a hard day of shopping isn't too inconvenient.

Here's where you can find Kingpot!
It's at the Big Splash at East Coast Park.
Call +65 63487997 if you want to make a reservation.
Here's most of us, seated and waiting eagerly for our food to be served,
and taking photos.
Just for reference, here's the photo which Cyn took with her phone in this photo!
There are little private booths along the perimeter of the dining area,
and the decor is so nice! love the chandeliers...
The selection of soups, sauces and sets!
Here's what I chose, the Meat Lover Set, for $28.80++

Conversation going on around the table.
That's Dawn's brother, Dawn, Michael our manager, Kimchi and Huayan.
Cyn and Eliza, the 2 foodies opposite me.

Me and my neighbouring foodie.

Sets come with a Lemon Tea, or a Barley drink.
Most of us chose Lemon Tea

First "dish" to be served are the vegetables!
There are mushrooms, black fungus (which is very high in iron btw), and 2 kinds of green veg.

The rice is not ordinary steamed rice, it's flavoured so that its tasty on its own.

One thing I love about this place is that each individual gets their own pot to cook stuff in.
So it's more hygenic, and everyone can cook what they want in whatever way they want!
Everyone can also choose their own flavour, mine was the chef speciality, forest mushroom soup, and it was really good.
There are also local flavours like Laksa and Bak Kut Teh, along with the more standard chicken soup and beef soup.
Huayan, who was sitting next to me chose the Seafood set.
Here's what she received!

(part of) My Meat Lover set!
Take a look at the cute spoons too, they're made that way so you can hang them on the edge of your pot while cooking what's in/on them. This means that the meatballs don't get lost in the pot of soup!

Here's a comparison of Huayan's Seafood (on the right) and my Meat Lover set (on the left).

Each set comes with a sauce, I chose the Kingpot special (The salty one! There's also a sweet version).
Looks like a Ferrero Rocher sitting in a yummy brown paste.
It's actually ground peanuts and sesame seeds with fragrant oil, and it went very well with my meat!

An overview of what you get in one set!
A drink (lemon tea/barley), a pot of soup, your meat/seafood dish, noodles, sauce, fresh veggies and rice.
But that's not all for the Meat Lover set...
You also get a plate of freessssh mmeeattttttt, beef, pork and lamb!
(I feel that the Meat lover set is more worth it cos you get 2 plates of stuff, the Seafood set only gets one plate.)

Eliza nomnoming her food.
Other than the sauce which comes with the set, there's also a whole lot of other sauces like...
sambal, fresh cut chilli padi, leek puree (?!), chilli oil etc that you can choose from.
I like spicy stuff, so I got a saucer of chilli padi to share with Huayan.

Aaaanddd, There's also dessert to end off your meal!
Chocolate cake with a berry sauce.

Dessert also comes with a choice of tea or coffee.
Here's the tea.

Group Shot of the happy eaters!
From left to right :
Umisukii, kimchi, yan, furryfish, aloysius, w4ndeRz-, MsJovial, pinksheep, Michael

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