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Team Sponsors

22 April 2013

Asterisk* Auditions - Individuals Selected for Round 2

We'd like to thank all the 9 girls who took the time to drop by our auditions on Saturday. We had fun, and hope you all had a good time too!
We'd also like to thank Alienware Arena for hosting us on stage.
As Kimchi detailed in her earlier post, we will be selecting some of the applicants for Round 2, which will tentatively happen in the first week of June.

So, without further ado, we'd like to announce that the selected few (in no particular order of merit) for Round 2 are :
- Deborah, Wolfsbane
- Esther, Umiisukii
- Tiffani, Orange
- Mary, marypot
- Ruth, potatofluff
- Michelle, Mishaa
We'll be telling you individually what we think you can work on!

It saddens us greatly that we can only pick a few, and not all of you, and we'd like to encourage you to play more, and not be disheartened. We've been discussing taking in another team of 5, but currently feel we are unable to handle so many teams. If this changes in the future, you people will be the first to know!
We'll also spam party invites if we see you all online!

What we will be looking for in Round 2
- improvement (this is relative to each girl, and we're looking to see how much you improve in the 1-2months before Round 2)
- hero pool (we're looking for an increased pool of heroes which you are confident at using)
- skill (even if you've improved a lot, there's still a base skill level which we are looking for)


If you missed what happened on Saturday...
check out this video :

And these photos :

Kimchi* organising the girls

PMS Asterisk* (in the front row) with almost all the girls who came down

post trials discussion


  1. Very nice! Wish we had a girl team representing Hong Kong!

    1. i'd encourage you to get one set up!

  2. Such a well organised event,looks sucessful =).

    1. thank you! we have our sponsors to thank.. they really supported us through this!
      and the girls were really sporting too.

  3. I wished I was a girl for a moment.

  4. Dang! I wish there was one in the Philippines! T_T

  5. I never knew that there are so much sporty girl gamers in Singapore. Accept spectators? haha