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25 April 2013

[ANNOUNCEMENT / INTERVIEW] The Return of PMS yanyan*

Everyone knows that Ng Huayan "yanyan*" has been MIA for a while =( 
What people don't know is
We're glad to have her back and we're looking forward to a kickass year with her.
that she's now back on the active roster for PMS Asterisk* DotA2 =D !

Here's a little about what she's been up to, and what she'd like to get out the rest of the year.

1. What have you been busy with while you were taking a break from competitive gaming?
Work mostly, I count myself lucky to be able to make a living out of doing something I like. Travelling made me grow as a person and so far, it's been awesome.

2. What rekindled your interest in competitive gaming?
I have been playing games on and off ever since I "retired", a while ago it was WOW, and before that it was something else. But dota has always been something special to me. So when I finally built a new rig that supports dota2, i naturally went back to it. And the thing with having played competitively, is that once you go down that road, playing games just for leisure purposes doesnt cut it. That and also because i miss the girls terribly.

3. What is your current favourite hero?
I would have to say Queen of Pain.  

4. Tell us how this break from competitive gaming helped you.
It taught me to cherish what I have and most importantly, follow my passion and my heart because, as cliche as it may sound, it is what makes me happy in the end. Being away from the scene also made me more stable as a player, I learnt to keep my emotions on check and not let it affect me whenever something doesnt go my way in game. I suppose that applies to real life as well haha. I also find that I make better and more well-informed decisions simply because I know what I want.
5. What are your aims for the year?
I would love to attend as many competitions as my schedule allows. It would also be great if the team could finally take part in an all-female dota2 competition. Its currently my dream to fly to Russia and play against their girls teams.

huayan in the centre =)


  1. My one and only crush from Asterisk is back finally :D Is she going to the Manila Trip also? Huge Huayan Ng fan here, It would be awesome if I can meet and greet her and the whole team :D

  2. I will be going to Manila with the team, will you be there? Say hi!


  3. Huayan SP|Jimmy here a big fan of yours :D :D

  4. good to see that you are back!!

  5. I'm yr fan! Yanyan! When will be yr next event in singapore?