Team Sponsors

Team Sponsors

10 June 2013

[GIVEAWAY - CLOSES SUNDAY 16th JUNE 2013 2359 +8GMT ] SteelSeries Flux In Ear Pro

To celebrate having a new sponsor, we are giving away 2 SteelSeries Flux In Ear Pros worth SGD$249.99!
Click this link to find out more about the product
Read on to find out how you can get one!

These in-ears are meant to be worn over the ear, but if you don't favour that style, you can always wear them normally.
Just remember to switch sides! The L side should go into your right ear and vice versa.
The different ear bud sizes
The adaptors!
Super compact carrying case
In the box

Have we tempted you enough with these yummy pics?

Here's what you have to do :
1) like the SteelSeries Singapore fan page on Facebook here

2) get ALL your friends to like this page by recommending it (see screenshot)
- click "share this page with more friends" (on the right hand side of the timeline)

3) once you've gotten all your friends to sign up, link us to a screenshot (please take a screenshot of the WHOLE page including the top bar to show your identity!) of how many of your friends like this page on this facebook status post :
you can use programs like gyazo which take a screenshot and upload it and give you a  URL.
- in the example of the screenshot above, 113 friends like the page.

4) the top 2 people who sends a screenshot with the most number of friends liking the page will win!

5) ONLY ONE entry per person. People who post multiple entries will be DISQUALIFIED!

- we have the right to refuse an entry if we believe you have doctored the screenshot
- our decisions are final!
- we will also pay for normal postage, so please expect a pretty long wait for your product (unless you're willing to pick up from us directly). No registered postage, so if the item gets lost in the process, we can't really do anything!
- please also make sure that your account allows non-friends to message you, so that we can contact you easily!


  1. so this is open to people outside of sg?

    1. yes it is. but you still have to like the SteelSeries Singapore page!

  2. this is really dumb

  3. is there any screenshots you all received already?

  4. How do i send in my screenshot?