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22 June 2013

DotA 2 Team Trials - The Conclusion

Left to Right : Tiffani (Oling), Ruth (potatofluff), Deb (Wolfsbane), Tammy, Kim, Cynthia, Esther (Umiisukii)
A pic taken with the Round 2 girls, sans Marypot

Firstly, I'd like to thank all the girls who bothered to come for the trials, both round 1 and round 2. I know that for some it's been a journey of self-confidence, to some it's been a benchmark for their skills.
Whatever it is, I'm glad that you all took that step to drop by and apply. In your place, I'm not too sure if I would have.

That said, we've decided on 2 girls, who will be under probation for a few months, and will be posting up their full profiles shortly.
They are
Esther "Umiisukii*" and Mary "marypot".

I look forward to playing more with all the girls we've met, and I hope that at the least the trials gave you a taste of competitive gaming, and that you'll pursue the spark of interest. If any.

GGHF all!

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