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10 August 2013

The International 3 Part 2!!

Time for some belated updates about our TI3 journey! Prepare yourself for a long long longgggg post!

It is the 3rd day of the Main Event, however lets backtrack a few days back! 
We had a day off between the Group Stage and Main Event, so we headed out to IHOP for breakfast! 
IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes if you're wondering. 

 The very very delicious country omelette. Enough to feed 3 asians. 

Filled with hashbrowns, ham, onions and cheese. Yum!

Fast-forward to Main Event Day 1!! Dear yan finally arrived in Seattle <3 <3
Everyone woke up early to catch the first bus to Benaroya Hall!

 Here's 4/5 of Zenith looking cool. 

Benaroya Hall. The place where dreams come true. (For Dota2 players, at least)

The crazy line of people outside the hall waiting to get in. Bet the players felt like superstars. 

I spy an Orge Magi. Haha. 

The amaaaazing and smart inclusion in the Secret Shop this year. Dotaballs!! There are probably 10 different types of plushies that you can collect from these balls. People have been going around trading the plushies to try for a whole collection! I personally love the Tidehunter and Faceless Void ones. 

Us with our Faceless Voids. Hahaha his teeth really cracks me up. 

The analysts set-up. Pretty damn impressive I must say. And Maelk posing at the camera. 

View from the 2nd floor.

Zenith's flag hanging at the booth. :D 

I just absolutely loveeeee this setup. The huge D2 logo in the middle of the players booths is toooo cool. Maybe I should sneak into Benaroya Hall in the middle of the night and steal it hahaha.

Watch how the lights were switched on. So awesome I don't know how else to describe it.


Orange in their booth preparing for their game against Navi. 

The feeling of watching games at the event itself is just so different. 
The big screen shows many details like the mini map, net worth, hero last hits and the camera view in the players booth. You're able to see the hero portraits of the hero each player is playing on the exterior of the booth as well. 

Not interested in watching the games? Not to worry 'cos Valve has tons of events lined up for you! Fans can get signatures from their favourite casters/players and these signatures will be sent to your D2 account. Each entry pass has a barcode which can be linked to your steam account, so that's how the signatures can be sent to your D2 inventory! Valve is just too awesome. Not sure how many times I've said that sentence since I've been here.
Fans are able to meet the D2 workshop contributors like Anuxi as well! 

The Secret Shop, accompanied by a long long longggggg queue every single day. -_-

 Yan and me made a quick trip to Pike Market to grab some food during mid-day. I really love that place. Seattle should be promoted as a tourist/holiday destination!!

yan can't decide which fruit to buy when ALL of them look so fresh and delicious!

The famous Pike Place Chowder. I'm drooling now just thinking about it. 


On to Day 2! The day Zenith plays. I was pretty excited until I realised their game was scheduled to start at 7pm. >Help! 
The day the longest match in history of Dota2 will be played. The day iceiceice wins the Solo Championship against Mushi. The day Zenith gets knocked out from the tournament. 

Team Dignitas looks pretty sad after being knocked out on the first day. 

30mins bus ride, so what do we do? Haha. 
-_______________- Love-hate relationship with this girl, really.

Shots of the teams flags hanging in the main hall of Benaroya Hall. 

This year's Dota2 hoddie. I LOVE!

Some photos during breaks between games. 

My irritated face after the 90? 100? 120mins? game between iG and DK. The Korean casters were so agitated while casting that game lololol. The video can be found here!

Here's what yan did to vent her frustration after that disgustingly long game.

The Solo Championship trophy which our very own iceiceice took home that night. And the Aegis! Which team will get their names engraved onto the Aegis this year? 

After waiting for 10hours, it was finally time to see Zenith on the big screens!! 

xy on the HUGE screen. 

Cool 'cos he's iceiceice? Hahahahahakjhsjkdfgksjdfaa


I seriously can't figure out what that weird gold medal like thing beside the player's nicks means. Can someone help me figure it out?!

Many suntrikes later, Zenith claims victory over VP!

Zenith proceeded to face iG in a BO1 later on and failed to secure a win sadly.. This marks the end of Zenith's TI3 journey, but not ours!!
Orange is now in the top 6 of the tournament and I'm extremely proud of them! Others teams left are Alliance, Navi, Tongfu, iG and DK. GO ASIA! But I'm predicting a Navi and Alliance finals like many others.

I'll try to update the blog on the last day of TI3, but if I don't, you can expect updates, posts and videos on the team Facebook page!
That's all for this post. And to end off, here's a random picture of Dendi and me wearing stripes!


  1. The gold thing beside the name mean that the player hav participate in all THe International before .. :)

  2. But how come ice3 doesnt have?