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14 August 2013

The International 3 ends.

The International 3 has ended. 
It was epic. With crazy games, screening of Free To Play - the Dota2 documentary, Orange Esports takes home 3rd placing and everything else. 
I'm happy I made the decision to attend TI3 and I will definitely attend TI4, hopefully with all of Asterisk. 

Valve was giving away the Free To Play posters.

Here's a Witch Doctor cosplay hahaha. He was constantly wavering just like how Witch Doctor is in game. 

yan* took a video hahaha just look at him! Passion for Dota2 = 200%

And Bruno was up to his usual antics. 

Orange's flag shines bright in the hall. If you notice, teams that are eliminated have their flag lights dimmed. Pretty awesome for Valve to have come up with this idea. 

Mushi drafting with his team against Navi. We are so proud of them for achieving so much in this tournament. They would have had a chance for the 2nd place if not for the aegis denial by kyxy but D2 is a team game and I'm sure he's blaming himself more than anyone else. It was so unfortunate and I'm sure no one will forget that anytime soon >< To be honest I couldn't stop laughing when he denied the aegis lol.

So the Grand Finals was down to Navi and Alliance as most have predicted. Wasn't that psyched for it though >< 

Here's a video of the epic epic epic intro of the Grand Finals. Alliance and Navi walked down the hall like KINGS!

Reactions from the 2 teams when they lost/won. One thing I have to say, S4 is really a god. Those 2 crucial Puck coils to stop Navi's teleport home was so epic... MVP!! Alliance would be nothing without S4!! Grats to Alliance, they showed everyone what a team is.

Tons of silver and green confetti flooded the hall. 

A series of photos with members of Orange and Zenith. I can go on and on about how good Orange were and improved during the tournament. yan* and me are aiming to be like net/xtinct or akke/EGM hahaha. And I just can't get over how well Ohaiyo played his offlanes. Maybe it's the luck his Furion plushie gives him haha.

Valve organised an after party on the last day of the event! So off we went to have some... fun...!

xy with a girl. He was very happy. Haha

Is xy looking for the mysterious girl? O.O

yan* strangling everyone.

She's scary......

Tammy and Aloysius!

Strangling xy again.

yan* with Bruno

yan* with Dendi.

A very persistent fan of iceiceice who was trying to get him to the dance floor inside the party. But he failed. And now I think he's professing his love? LOL 

And to end things off...
Team Asterisk*. No matter what differences we have we will work together to be the best team ever. And I say this from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully next year we will have our other 2 team mates there with us! <3

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