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21 October 2013

AMD Cosplay Shoot and DIY Starter Pack Promo!

I'm pretty sure most of you have seen the cosplay pics of PMS Asterisk*, all dressed up as Drow Rangers. But what you haven't seen, are the behind the scene pics of us all getting painted purple and wearing wigs.

Anyhow, before you scroll down and get lost, please take a moment to check out the AMD DIY Starter pack offer, which will last til December 13th!
If you've always wanted to learn to assemble your own PC but have been worried that its too complicated, this is a great opportunity for you... because...

All who purchase the starter pack can sign up for a workshop where the members of PMS Asterisk* will guide you on how to assemble your computer.

Here's a quick tutorial video which will guide you through the basic steps. (It also contains some video footage of the cosplay shoot)
Do take a moment to upvote and share it!

Now, on to the photoshoot pics!
Here are the final pics which were chosen by AMD, and the styling was done by the talented group from the Neo Tokyo Project. Drop them a like over at and bug them to do more DotA2 related cosplays!






ANDDDDD here are the behind the scene shots that you won't get to see anywhere else!

of all the drows, kimchi*'s hair was the nicest! (at least, I think so!)

A smiling drow?

One of my favourite shots

She's gonna KILL you.

Pretending to be a blueberry! Huayan decided to help herself to the blue paint because she felt she wasn't blue enough.

MsJovial*'s transformation in progress

Sweet smile, before she murders you...

If looks could kill... w4ndeRz-* would have dead bodies strewn across her path.

Acting shy...

It would be awesome if this could be immortalised as one of those figurines...

The completed MsJovial* Drow.

Can't remember why she was laughing, but thought thiss pic looked funny!

Super dao face from MsJovial*

Yanyan* wins the bigggest eyes award! (notice how her hand isn't painted blue, because she was wearing gloves for the shoot!) Also, the necklace is so pretty!

MsJovial* self-shotting happily after removing all the blue paint.

The team from the Neo Tokyo Project in the background, and the make up artist at work on furryfish*
Patiently painting, and patiently being painted. I think the entire process of makeup and styling took about 1.5hrs per girl...

The blue paint! 3 colours were mixed to make the exact shade. kimchi* was having fun mixing it all up and plonking it on us.
Post shoot pic before all the make up, wig and costume comes off. We started at 8am and ended at around 7pm, and we were all STARVING!

Having a well deserved dinner!


  1. Ms. Tammy is very pretty with the drow make-up, still shout-out to all! ^^,

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