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Team Sponsors

13 August 2015

Asterisk* Trials 2015 - Registration of Interest

Asterisk* is expanding our family!
We are not just looking for new members for our DOTA 2 team but also for our League of Legends and the newly formed Counterstrike: Global Offensive team! We are excited to plan for our first Heroes of the Storm team too!
So if you are passionate about gaming and like Asterisk* and what we do, register your interest in the form below!

Don't be worried if you have no competitive experience! We welcome all female gamers based in Singapore who loves gaming and always strives to be better!


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  3. When would details of the trials be out?

    1. Hi! did you sign up? we have contacted all girls who have signed up!

  4. Hey, i just signed up today. hope its not too late?

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  6. Hi, just wondering... is there an age limit?

  7. Hi , May i ask am i too late for the trial or still can make it as i just sign up for it :)


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