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19 May 2011

The Hottest Female Gamers in Asia

It’s an ordinary morning, I’m rushing to work , my sinus is acting up and there are no cabs to be found when I need them.
Until I check out my facebook updates and see this post on my wall :

Suddenly my worries shift from "zzz the sun is so hot, why didn't I bring shades" to “oh no what picture did they use??”
It doesn’t help that half a million people are trying to access the page at the same time, so I can’t seem to get it loaded til I’ve reached the office and gotten on my laptop.
I breathe a sigh of relief when I see the picture – it isn’t too bad.
But I quickly realize that I’m featured alongside the likes of Linda Liao, Utada Hikaru, and the legendary Tossgirl.
Wuttt ??
I’m normal, man. (or should I say, woman.) And those other 4, they ain’t normal. As much as I think I might be well known, I’m nowhere near those few.
Perhaps that’s why I’m no. 5!
So it’s with a good-natured chuckle that I post the screen caps :

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